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Fujian Gongrong Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Fujian Gongrong Stone Industry Group. The group was formally established in 2011 (it has been operating since 1991). An architectural decoration enterprise integrating the production and sales of building decoration materials, large-scale special-shaped building materials and various types of stone carving products, is located in Hui'an County, Quanzhou, the "Hometown of Stone Carving in China". Gongrong Group has first-class qualification for architectural curtain wall engineering design and construction, first-class qualification for professional contracting of garden and ancient architectural engineering, first-class qualification for design and construction of building decoration engineering, third-class qualification for professional contracting of steel structure engineering, and third-class professional contracting for metal doors and windows. It is a well-known brand and leading enterprise in the stone industry and building curtain wall industry in Hui'an and even Fujian, and is one of the top 20 professional contractors in the construction industry in Fujian Province.
Gongrong Group is large in scale, covering an area of ​​more than 300 acres, with a construction area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters; it has more than 800 employees, including more than 50 technicians with intermediate and senior levels. It has subsidiaries of Fujian Gongrong Stone Industry Co., Ltd., Fujian Gongrong Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Hui'an Tianrong Stone Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Rongtuo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of nearly 85 million yuan and a total investment of over 100 million yuan. Yuan. Among them, Gongrong Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 as a first-class construction enterprise approved by the Ministry of Construction. In 2008, it was rated as a AAA credit enterprise in the construction industry of Fujian Province, and in 2011 it was rated as a listed reserve enterprise in Hui'an County.
Since the establishment of Gongrong Group, it has gone through many stages of development. In the 1990s, it focused on stone carving production and processing, and its products were mainly sold to Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and the United States and other regions. From 2000 to 2006, a number of branch factories have been established, and the company's service scope has been gradually expanded, starting to dabble in the building materials industry, processing of special-shaped stone and other aspects. While the company's system and scale continue to improve and expand, the process and service quality of the products produced have been recognized by the industry and the government, and the product quality management system has been dual-certified. The third stage of the development of the group, from 2006 to 2010, seized the policy opportunity of "combining the construction industry with the stone carving and stone industry" proposed by the Hui'an County Government, and received the support of the superior authority to undertake the Shanghai Orient Global Enterprise Well-known construction projects at home and abroad, such as the Central Project, Wenbi Peak in Hainan, the Five Hundred Arhats in Lingshan Jiyu in Indonesia, and the curtain wall decoration of Chennai Hotel in India, have a deeper foundation, and have further stepped out of Hui'an, setting up in 10 regions across the country, including Shanghai and Beijing. Branch companies to jointly build a co-prosperity brand. Since then, since the company obtained the first-level qualification for the integration of national building curtain wall facilities and construction, the business volume has continued to rise, and the consumption of stone materials for domestic and foreign construction projects has increased significantly. The group headquarters was completed in August 2012, in response to the policies of the Hui'an County Party Committee and County Government. The acquisition of 200 mu of land is used to prepare for the construction of the "Co-Prosperity Carving and Decoration Art Creative Industry Park", which is integrated into the academic concept, further expanding its popularity and consolidating its market position. The journey of Gongrong Group continues.
Because he was born in Hui'an, the stone carving works of Gongrong Group have a strong and typical Southern style of carving art, creating the charm of "Apricot Blossom, Spring Rain and Jiangnan". Having been in business for nearly 30 years, Gongrong Group has also been constantly learning the essence of other Chinese and Western carving styles and being brave to innovate, but has never given up on the inheritance and development of southern carving techniques. Big business seeks the way-In the recent key project "Gongrong Carving Art Creative Industry Park", the Gongrong Group will meticulously create and invest its efforts to comprehensively and in-depth display the "extremely artistic beauty" of southern sculptures. Contribute to the inheritance of Hui'an traditional carving art and the training of southern stone carving talents.
"Co-existence of thousands of miles, four seasons of prosperity and prosperity", Gongrong Group declared boldly: For everything we can do, we will never spare no effort! With deep background and such self-confident spirit, I believe that the future of the Gongrong Group will definitely be bright, and the spring is just right!


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As we all know, in order for an enterprise to achieve rapid development, it not only needs sufficient funds, correct decision-making, and a scientific system, but also a large number of talented teams with outstanding professionalism. For architectural decoration companies such as Gongrong Group, the reason for their achievements and development is because he has a technical team with the spirit of craftsmen. So what is the craftsmanship? "Craftsmanship", broadly speaking, refers to the attitude of excellence in work and career, and the pursuit of work or a thing or a craft as faith. It is not limited to any field, but the key lies in the word "spirit". The author of "The Spirit of Craftsman" Akiyama Toshiki summarized this very well: "A first-class craftsman, character is more important than technology, first-class mind, must have first-class technology." There is also an idiom in China called "ingenuity." "Unique", "ingenuity" is used to describe the exquisite state of doing things. The highest state of craftsman-"Technology is more than Tao" is a cultural source that has existed since ancient times.


Gongrong Group was born in Hui'an, Quanzhou, the hometown of stone carving with a long history and cultural heritage. It inherits the master craftsmanship of pursuing excellence and excellence. The team’s craftsmanship also has the unique fineness and elegance of Southern carving, which is very popular in the industry. protrude. Gongrong Group has more than 50 technical personnel above the middle and high levels. Although not many, they are all outstanding talents with their own technological pursuits. They are the essence and soul of this enterprise.
The co-prosperity team tempers their minds and polishes themselves in design and carving. Introverted and focused are their temperament. For real craftsmen, each task project is not only a work, but also an artistic creation. It is a whole-hearted investment and study in the processes of design and development, construction, and detail carving. They not only want customer satisfaction, but also More craftsmanship is required.
In fact, in addition to the craftsmanship and solid reputation of Zhuoyue, what the craftsmanship spirit can give to the enterprise is the power of inexhaustible innovation and eternal vitality. To have a long-lasting foundation, without the focus and innovation of craftsmen, just refining, indiscriminate and repeated obsolescence, will not allow the company to achieve rapid development. Without the spirit of craftsman, it is naturally difficult to have its own core technology, and there is no guarantee for sustainable development. Therefore, the Gongrong Group attaches great importance to the efforts to integrate the "craftsman spirit" into the construction of the corporate culture of Zhongyun. Not only the technical team, but all the Gongrong people should have composure, keenness, honest service and unstoppable quality. Gather strength in the fierce market competition, maintain a leading position, and remain invincible.

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